Sunday, December 04, 2005

What Kristine Roa Said...

I don't really know her (maybe some of you knows her),guess she's also from Cagayan de Oro City like me. She left this comment in my blog...

Kristine Roa said...
Are you sick? Or are you just plain KSP *kulang sa pakog*?

Those pictures are offensive. These people are OUR friends, and you can rant to be about freedom of expressing yourself in your blog but I swear to GOD -- it just goes to show how you lack attention. DOn't you have friends?

Whatta loser.

1:47 AM, December 04, 2005

I appreciate it Kristine that: (1)you care, for the persons involved were your friends, (2)you think those pictures are offensive, (3)you know something about freedom of expression, bloggers do, and most of all (4)by faith you know GOD!

Maybe I am sick, maybe I am KSP, but only GOD knows who we really are. You will know me better than blogging someday. But let me tell you, I hate retaliating with unkind words,you see I am human being with brains and soul to keep. I have to be kind, not to please everyone, but to please my GOD.

Those links were sent to me via email, from a friend who works abroad. YES, I have friends too just like you. I made links to those pictures out of a friend's request. YES, the truth is that everybody (in our office and my friends) have seen the XU scandal video and maybe I was the last one who received an email with links to those pictures.

I have not seen nor planned to view that video, its my prerogative. For me to have seen those pictures is enough. But Kristine, here's a deal: If you can ask everyone (those who have seen the XU scandal video, here and abroad, a lot of them maybe 1%, hehehe!) to send me a request to remove the links to those pictures, I swear to you I'll grant your request.

XU Scandal VCD selling like hot cakes
What Kristine said was absolutely appreciated. To Kristine Roa: I would like to thank you for your time visiting my blog. I am happy to see you leaving comments like this. It lets me know you are there, and that I have to write something for you guys to read.

If you think I made a great deal, tell your friends, and why don't you leave comments like that also?