Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Photoshop for a Logo

Yes I want to share something here. All about photoshop. It is one of the software applications used for most of the graphic artist.

Today, I was asked to make a logo to be used in an intramurals. But of course, am not one of the graphic artist, who can easily do it. So I asked someone else's help.

It was Eman who helped me do this logo, I am about to share to all of you. I was tasked to submit it early tomorrow. Honestly, I missed our teachings in KSD just to finish this one. I felt guilty, but very thankful God gave me His angels along the way in finishing the logo.
Angels' Heaven Sent
The student assitant of MPSC, who helped me come up with the logo, Eman. Ann who also helped one way or the other. Pol who provided us the dinner, which made me impossible to miss a meal. And CEPALCO and Philcom for the commercial power and internet.

For photoshop designs, you can contact me for tutorials and artist works. Hope you all give your comment about the logo I am sharing here. God bless!