Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Photoshop for a Logo

Yes I want to share something here. All about photoshop. It is one of the software applications used for most of the graphic artist.

Today, I was asked to make a logo to be used in an intramurals. But of course, am not one of the graphic artist, who can easily do it. So I asked someone else's help.

It was Eman who helped me do this logo, I am about to share to all of you. I was tasked to submit it early tomorrow. Honestly, I missed our teachings in KSD just to finish this one. I felt guilty, but very thankful God gave me His angels along the way in finishing the logo.
Angels' Heaven Sent
The student assitant of MPSC, who helped me come up with the logo, Eman. Ann who also helped one way or the other. Pol who provided us the dinner, which made me impossible to miss a meal. And CEPALCO and Philcom for the commercial power and internet.

For photoshop designs, you can contact me for tutorials and artist works. Hope you all give your comment about the logo I am sharing here. God bless!

Monday, July 28, 2008

Promo for Philcom DSL/BTS

Promo Mechanics:

Pure DSL promo availers: (for a minimum subscription of 1 year)
FREE Installation including drop-wire
FREE calling within PhilCom Network

Pure BTS promo availers: (for a minimum subscription of 1 year)
1. for new accounts and switchers
a. FREE Installation including drop-wire
b. FREE Telephone unit
c. FREE MFC on the 1st month
d. FREE P100 worth of IDD Calls to Residential subscribers only
(availment shall be from August 1, 2008 to January 31, 2009 only – 6 months duration only)
e. Default Access – IDD.

2. for permanently disconnected subscribers
a. must pay at least 50% of the outstanding balance
b. remaining outstanding balance can be amortized in a maximum of 12 months
c. must accomplish promissory note for the amortization of the remaining outstanding balance
d. Free connectivity charge
e. FREE MFC on the 1st month
f. FREE P100 worth of IDD Calls (for those with IDD as approval by ASMs) *
g. Default Access – depends on ASM’s discretion.

For both type of subscribers, availability of facility is on a first come first serve basis only. However, in the event that both new subscriber and PDed subscriber are to vie for the same facility, the priority shall be given to the PDed subscriber to ensure cash receipts and collection of AR.

DSL Bundled to BTS promo availers: (for a minimum subscription of 1 year)

They are entitled of the freebies under DSL and BTS as stipulated above except for the FREE BTS MFC on the 1st month since by default, the MFC for BTS is already FREE for the life of their DSL account. (For example, the DSL BEGR 300, the rate is at P1150, BTS MFC is FREE for the life of DSL Beg Account)

Important Notice:

 The FREE BTS MFC on the 1st month shall be given only to PURE BTS Promo availers. NO FREE MFC shall be given to promo availers of Pure DSL or DSL bundled with BTS

 The allowable free dropwire provisioning for BTS and DSL installations is only up to 300 meters. In cases wherein drop wire requirement exceeds that of the maximum allowable, the system will automatically bill the subscriber with the applicable connectivity charges in excess of the 300 meters.

 For existing BTS residential subscribers with IDD access, automatically they can avail of the FREE P100 worth of IDD calls from August 1, 2008 to January 31, 2009.

 Existing BTS residential subscribers WITHOUT IDD access may avail of the FREE P100 worth of IDD calls up to January 31, 2009, as soon as IDD access is activated within the promo period July 15-October 15, 2008.

 All promo availers from July 15-October 15, 2008 may enjoy of the FREE P100 worth of IDD calls upon activation of their IDD access within the promo period only. However, the FREE P100 worth of IDD calls will simultaneously expire on February 1, 2009, regardless of the date of IDD activation. Hence, a promo availer who gets his IDD access activated in September 30, will only enjoy 4 months of free IDD calls, whereas those activated before Aug 1, can avail of the free IDD calls for 6 months.

 The FREE P100 worth of IDD calls is tax-inclusive and consumable for IDD calls only. It is not applicable to NDD/CMTS calls and internet usage.

 In excess of the P100, the subscriber will be liable to pay.

 The FREE P100 worth of IDD calls is non-cumulative, that is any unused amounts will NOT be carried over to the next month, hence automatically forfeited.

 By February 1, 2009, the FREE P100 worth of IDD calls will terminate but their IDD access will not be deactivated. They can continue to make IDD calls at a regular IDD per minute rate.

If you are interested to avail this promo (telephone line+dsl) , I can give you application forms and will process your applications (will also be prioritized), just leave me a message or send me a text message, check my friendster profile for my number!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Thanks for the Condolences.

Yesterday at 3pm my Lola died at age 82.

I have accepted her death. I know she is in peace now and is resting with our Lord. I have a previous blog about my Lola. I have honored her so much.

I will be processing her papers today for her burial related claims. I know this will be the last thing I can give her a favor. She is more than loved. I am just sad her memory failed before long before her death.

But even though her memories died, I know that in her loved ones, us, her family will have the loving memory about her always.

Thanks for the condolences. God bless!

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Basic Hydraulic

A link showing the preview of a book on Hydraulics!


Just read and learn:

Hydrodynamics versus Hydrostatics

Two ways of trasmitting fluid energy
1. Hydrodynamic: the kinetic or the impact of the moving fluid is converted to
mechanical energy.
2. Hydrostatic: energy is transferred through a confined fluid by the pressure that is
created by the application of a force to that confined fluid.

Pascal’s Law
Pressure exerted on a confined liquid at rest is transmitted equally in all directions, is the
same at any point in the liquid, and acts at right angles to the surfaces of the container
1. Pascal’s law is valid irrespective of the shape of the vessel
2. Any change in the exerted pressure is seen almost instantly throughout the liquid.
3. Fluid in a system can be as rigid as steel for the transmission of power.

Advantages of Hydraulic Power Systems
1. Provide high levels of readily regulated torque and force
2. Offer infinitely variable linear or rotary speed over a wide range
3. Instantly reversible
4. Can be stalled without damage
5. High power output is possible
6. High accuracy and extreme stiffness
7. Possible to be automated without electronics
8. Fully adaptable to electrical or electronic controls
9. Provide cushioning to reduce the effects of impact or shoch loads
10. The fluid itself provides lubrication

Disadvantages of Hydraulic Power Systems
1. Hazards exist due to high-pressure
2. Fluids are flammable
3. Leakage is possible
4. Adequate filtration is necessary
Hydraulics are ideal for applications requiring high forces for heavy loads, long stroke
linear motion, rigidity and accuracy with heavy loads, high-stall torque, etc.

Press–Force–Area Relationship
Pressure is defined as
Pressure = Force/Area
p = F/A
Several conversion factors for pressure
• 1 psi = 6895 Pa = 6.895 kPa
• 1 bar = 14.5 psi = 100 kPa


OJT's Narrative Report

OJT's Narrative Report

It was on April 16,2008 when Phillip Caingles and I started our On-The-Job training at PhilCom. On that day, we were assigned in Network Management Center (NMC) Department. The supervisor and engineers welcomed us nicely. They oriented and taught us about the job that we were about to do on that day. After the orientation, Engr. Earl Clemen brought us to the Main Distribution Frame (MDF) where we met our co-ojt’s in NMC, Mark Gregor Buot and Beverlyn Ranis, doing Pot Splitter Jumpering. They taught us on how to do it and so we tried to do the jumpering. It’s not that hard as long as you know about the horizontal and vertical connections in the MDF. Pot Splitter Jumpering is done whenever there is a new PhilCom subscriber. We do also Pot Splitter Removal to minimize the unnecessary connections that are not anymore active. We also do call thru for telephone line activation.
On the following days, we used to go outside whenever there are subscriber’s line problem or trouble tickets that will be sent to our department. We did the troubleshooting together with the engineer usually at the Remote Line Units (RLU) or at Extended Line Units (ELU) depending on the location of the line problem. We did our troubleshooting in different approach. We will ask first for the subscriber’s telephone number, if it is the correct number that we will troubleshoot then that’s the time we will do the proper troubleshooting of the line. Usually, we received complains about lost of the dial tone at subscriber’s end.
On our last day, we did the troubleshooting by our own. Fortunately, we were able to fix the problem. We were so satisfied in our task done.
We were so happy, grateful and fortunate that we were able to experience and learn a lot of things that are related in the field of communications. It’s the best On-The-Job training here at PhilCom especially in NMC with the guidance of our supervisor Engr. Antonio Bontilao and supportive engineers- Engr.Earl, Engr.Jorge, Engr.Oliver, Engr. Abe, Engr. Theresa and Engr. Judith.


Praises and adoration be to our heavenly Father, who, above all deserves our honor. To Him be all the glory for my accomplishment in my training.
We would like to extend our utmost gratitude to the people who played important role in the completion of our training For the warm welcome, with due respect, I am appreciative to Engr. Jodem Gatus. Thank you for your accommodation.
For the patience in guiding and teaching trainees like me, I am very much gratified to Engr. Antonio Bontilao, Engr. Abemael Dupa, Engr. Earl Anthony Clemen, Engr. Oliver Corsanes, Engr. Jorge Balaba, Engr. Maria Theresa Galeon and Engr. Judith Estillore. These learning I gained from you would be of great relevance to my studies. Thank you for all your efforts.
For the accompaniment and services, many credit to all of PhilCom employees.
For the fun and laughter, many thanks to my fellow trainees in PhilCom, you made my on-the-job training worthwhile. Our friendship means a lot. You will forever be cherished and treasured.
For all the add on knowledge beyond my learning in PhilCom, in sharing their learning and experiences in their trainings in other respective companies, thanks to my classmates. You are one of the many reasons why I reached this year level. May our last year in college nourish our knowledge and friendship more.
For all these memorable experiences, thank you to PhilCom- NMC family and to all the people who made my training possible in all aspects. May God bless us all.