Saturday, May 10, 2008

Reunion Pictures

Pictures posted here were taken at Galam Recreation Hall. We held our batch reunion there in a private room last May 1. With me were my college batchmates and classmates.

Meet the men in the crowd: Mike, Alex, Hubert and Kris.

The balikbayans from Taiwan and Singapore.

Our IECEP Governor!

Girls in the crowd.

We are simply us: Mel, Ann, Grace, Rina and Beauty(me)!

Who says the governor keeps the mic off?

The couple Mr.&Mrs Naces, please excuse the other couples hehehe.

Us minus the photographer.

Guess who's ready to dance? Grace from Taiwan too.

I think Beauty is dancing here :D

More songs or orders?

Why me?

Hoping to be the next coke model.

I don't drink this much hehehe.

Tell me who's missing?