Sunday, January 01, 2006

Happy New Year! Happy Holiday!

As early as 6AM today I went to work, as usual we have our 24X7shifting sked for operations and maintenance. Still happy to know I have a job (an over time pay is a bonus) and then again missed something at home.

Last Dec.25, despite the rainy christmas day, the whole family went to see some tourist spots in the city. This includes Macahambus Gorge/Macahambus Adventure Park/Macahambus Cave, the controversial bridge connecting
Taguanao and Balulang, and the latest controversy High Ridge. Since rain was unstoppable at that time, we just enjoyed our ride and the cold air brought by the rain. We stopped at the bridge and do some tummy yummy chibogs!

Today, I missed the crocodile farm visit this noon by the whole family (excluding me, of course), located in Opol, a westbond neighboring town. I am excited to see some of their pictures, I promise to share some soon.

Holidays: great time for reunions with friends and family, community and our Lord!