Saturday, April 26, 2008

Our Way to the Shrine of Our Lady of Guadalupe

That night I worked 10pm-6am shift, in between one of my graveyards shift last March 15. The rain poured so hard. I just can't help thinking on how can we get through the crossing of the river. They say its hard to have river trekking with a heavy rain a day before an event.

It was Sunday, March 16, 2008 at 6am, we decided to visit the "Our Lady of Guadalupe Shrine". This shrine is located in Balubal within Cagayan de Oro City. Our meeting place was at Dunkin Donuts Divisoria. Then we ride a Bugo liner jeepney towards Tablon Elementary School.

We were fortunate, some college students were also on board on the same jeepney with the same destination, the driver decided to take us very near the river bank. We did not hike more and spend more for another ride with a tricycle. A tricycle actually charges P5 per person.

Taking off the jeepney, we meet some kids. Some of the kids sell candles. The price depends on the size of the candle. It ranges from P1-and up. Some kids sell woods. Why woods? Woods can act as canes for walking down the steams of the river. They sell it for P3. Some sell it 3 for P10.

Some did not grab a wood cane, but we were all set to do the first crossing of the river. Geared with a wood cane, I was confident to make it. Some kids meet us in that first river, they offered to help us cross the river. I did not mind them, I tried to cross the river. I was holding a friend, Fe. She's struggling just like me, I did not expected how difficult it is to cross for the first time.

So in the middle of the river, we needed to give in, we hired the kids to help us cross. As they guide, it will cost us. I did donate some amount of money for them. Some donated more than what I gave. And I survived the first river crossed.

After crossing the first river, we reached the first station. Then we all gathered and begun a prayer, "The Stations of the Cross".