Sunday, June 15, 2008

What Do I Want To Do With My Life? - - - - - - - - - - - Who Does God Want Me To Be?

I find this very inspiring video. On a Sunday, I guess it hit me most specially that I am at work the whole day and fail to attend mass. I worked from 6AM until 10PM. Maybe the guilt get into my nerves and somehow struck me with this video...

When it first asked: What do I want to do with my life? I simply don't know much about mine. Then again asked, Who does God want me to be? I begun to get interested.

This video will serve as my reminder, hope you are all reminded too. God bless and thanks for reading my blogs always!

Happy Father's Day Specially...

...To the men of my life, my dad and my brother.

I'd like to honor my brother on this Father's Day, for being a loving husband and a great dad. He is an achievement for my parents for being a great provider to his family. I always believe that he is our pride in the family as a brother and a son to my parents. I am proud to be his sister too!

Most specially I'd love to honor my father. We call him Papa. He is a loving husband too and a great father. No wonder my brother grow up just like him, a great dad of all time. I think my dad is doing the best thing he can for his children. That is in loving our mother.

To all dads out there, happy father's day. I do believe that, our Almighy Father is proud of all of you who have been responsible in loving the world. Because I believe that man give love, and makes the world a better place to live in. This world needs a man who knows how to love and who know God. Love is of God. Amen!!!

For this is a very special day to all dads, let me share my Kenny G collection from youtube:

I hope you all love my present to you all. Happy Father's Day once again!!!

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Company Summer Outing 2008

This year's Philcom Summer Outing was, for the second time, held at Duka Bay. It is located at Medina, Misamis Oriental, a three hours drive away from Cagayan de Oro City.

So I will be posting some of my pictures taken there, while we had some parlor games. I am also posting the view inside the beach resort. Pictures were taken last April18-19. Some of us actually went there for an overnight videoke and some swimming, I was with the team who manage to arrive at 8pm of April18. Then some came early the next morning.

If you notice some eye bags, its normal for me, its all because we just have less than an hour sleep due to our singing career that night.

The Duka Bay Resort:

The last we were here was in May of 2002, the same company summer outing. So many chances now with the beach and the place. They added several amenities and cool cottages. I think it is a lot better now.

Me fresh from swimming with Ann:

Climbed the tree for a pose!

Trying to be someone else.

Go Team Polu !!!

I belonged to team Polu, we won second in the over-all competion. Actually we only lost one game out of 5 but due to the point system, we missed becoming the champion. Our group simplified each game, which made us finish each task at a very short time. In every game, intellectual intervention is necessary, which was present in our team.

I rate my team mates an A, they are very cooperative and eager to win. But most of all, we did everything to enjoy the presence of each one in the group. This makes every team excel.

Getting ready for a thread relay (LIFO-we won)!

We were the last team to be able to pass the thread to the next person, all because of me. The blouse I have got longer sleeves. But I did something to make it move faster. It made our time win. Hehehe!

Cheering practise - hiphip, hurray!

Preparing the props.

Anything goes...

Hazel, Me, Connie and Hirah

Hazel, Me, Connie and Annalie

Connie, Me, Hazel, and Zarah(she's looking at the cheering)

The Night Swimmers:

Sunday, June 08, 2008

Roland Garros Finals - 2008 French Open

No surprise, that the Spaniard 22 years old, Rafael Nadal, second man to win French Open titles for the fouth time, dominated the men's final game against Roger Federer. A game well played and well ended at 6-1, 6-3, 6-0.

While Pete Sampras was well known to me not winning the same title, I guest most of the spectators, was frustrated too knowing Roger Federer did not take home the grand slam title. I guess life is so fair. We get what we deserve, and in this year's French Open, I think Nadal was more deserving.

Nadal did his best to stand out, and made the crowd frustrated seeing the endgame at 6-0. Knowing Federer did a lot of errors in his forehand, it was a sign, for him not to be able to beat the man in clay.

To our surprise, in the women's final, 22 year old Dinara Safina made it to the finals after winning against Maria Sharapova. But Ana Ivanovic at her 20's manage to put her self to WTA's No.1 rank when she eagerly won 6-4, 6-3 against Dinara.

Ana's first slam title made the Serbs proud. Also proved that it is about time for the Serb to dominate the women's division in this year's French Open.

Not so long ago I have known tennis, I played with a Japanese friend, a friend of my officemate. Although watching the French Open was fun, being in the court simply takes more than hard work to have fun. I salute to the hard work of all the finalist of Roland Garros - French Open 2008.

Let me share my frustrations to all Federer (still ranked ATP's No.1) fans, and thanks to my friends who watched and monitored the game with me.

Sunday, June 01, 2008

Can I Go To Heaven?

I hope yes is my answer to this question.

Today, for the first time, I attended our community district assembly. Most of the time, I do have excuses not to attend. Busy hours, career and family matters are included in those excuses. But I made no excuse today.

After knowing that month of May is a recess, for our district assembly meeting, I missed our community. In April, I experienced heaven with the community members. I realized how much I missed not attending any of our district assembly meeting.

Our community caters both single and married members. As a single KSD member, I declined to be part of the district community. I think I was so afraid to join with the married and older brothers and sisters. I limit my self in serving God. But my eyes were opened everytime married couples adopt singles in each meeting we have. It means that they provide food for us, singles, so we need not prepare anything. I felt like their child, so spoiled to have what I want, married couples pampered us singles in the community.

In todays bible reflection, the scripture mentioned about "Doing the will of God, leading to heaven". It enlightens me about how important to do His will. How important it is to be with the community for God's love.

Loving God in return because He loved me so much is what I believe to be my passport to heaven. And I think it is best expressed in the community and most specially in our office and at home. Servanthood is one thing on my mind to return the love of God for me.

I know that not all of us have the gift of service, but at the moment I keep on praying for God's help for me to be of service to others. In any way, serving others, is the will of God. To serve others to honor and praise my creature. I do believe a blog such this can serve as my inspiration to myself and others, to always remind me how to be in HEAVEN.