Saturday, October 11, 2008


Its not a movie...but next month is here I am enjoying my newly formatted pc (will blog why soon). I re-installed the things I love for my program files.

I successfully found the back-up files in my old cd, and luckily photoshop was there. So I tried to refresh the things I needed to for photoshop editting, I badly need for webpage designing.

Calendar came to my mind, when I found an old photo of mine way bad 1998. We had our necklacing ceremony at that time when a photo was capture, and the photographer added a calendar with it. It was a beautiful picture, but I hate the calendar in it so I framed my picture with my sister's picture covering the calendar hehehe.

Ok so I am browsing the internet for some great ideas. To make a calendar with my photo will be as easy as using the photoshop unlike in 1998. So I am posting the finished product, with an edited picture (where the background was taken from Singapore but without me, then I decide to paste my photo in it to make you all believe I once visited the said country hehehe of course still using photoshop a year ago). Also since next month is November, I decided to make an advance calendar for you all. Enjoy this link too for easy calendar making with photoshop.