Thursday, December 01, 2005

The Earthquake Experience

Oh my GOD, I was about to publish this blog when I accidentally erased everything I started. Well I have no choice but to write again!
Today 1:05 I was shaken by the earthquake with a still unknown intensity. I panicked because I started thinking about those quakes on tv. Its very scary specially that intensity 7 that hit Baguio way back in my elementary years. It started to run in my mind, not to mention its aftershock. I figured out the recent tsunami experienced in South Asia, too bad.
Working alone inside this room at night time would make you think about alot of scary things (our shifting schedule for 24X7 operation:6am-2pm,2-10pm,10pm-6am). And with that longer than 2minutes earthquake, who won't panic? I called an operator who is situated in another room in this building, then calm me down. We were both in the state of getting out of the building, so afraid what will happen next. We just laughed at our selves then and thanked God we were safe when the earthquake fade away.
I'll update this blog for the intesity and (I hope not so bad) aftershock if any.

Expect the Unexpected

Hi Grace, I might lighten up your mind in some ways or ruin your day hehehe.

Seriously:I believe guys are just like that, they can hardly express who they are and what they feel. I know you are special to him, but sometimes only maturity (according to one priest, maturity means, accepting when your bf/hubby/someone is not on time, accepting someone who gossips/etc.) can make you accept the person's attitude/character. If you think you can't handle this kind of thing, you better stop reading those book about divorce, it makes you think about it every now and then. Divorce is not good about saving the family,yes books can help us in someways. But this time I think you are too afraid that one of those stories you read might happen to you. It happened to someone I know too. If your hubby won't talk to you, then take time to talk to him, swallow you pride. PRIDE is the very thing that can ruin relationships while communication is the best. You are never alone, all the time God is with you, reason enough for you to count on your blessings and be happy. I know you are homesick and tired and affected with your reading materials, but never think about divorce-you are simple paranoid, am sorry that was my impression. I am single I know its easier said than done. But I know what you are experiencing right now facts of life, still in the adjustment period of marriage. I know some couples fight because all of us really are different, we think differently-we are UNIQUE. So no need to blame on ethnicity etc, face you fear and admit to your self that you need prayers and reflections. I know you have the best books, but I suggest you have the BIBLE. Think of happy moments and think about Pristine growing-up with a happy family. It takes two to tango, ask your hubby to make you family life happier by spending time praying together. The family that prays together stays together.

This was a comment I posted to my friends blog last November29. I know am ignorant about marriage and so with life. But the truth is I never meant to ruin my friend's day, not to anyone. I took the courage to write that comment because I thought I can help her and maybe others. I was not really expecting her negative interpretations.

Her criticism about me: I agree am single without any knowledge about marriage life can easily "swallow my pride and communicate", I know its easier said than done. This is true for all ages hehehe but I don't mean I won't get hurt if ever I have a husband soon in my life and would ignore me and my child. But I cannot take that reason "ignoring me&my child" not to communicate anyway, but the we can never tell what's next in this life.

Ethnicity/Divorce/Paranoid: I mentioned this because I was reading alot JAPS thing in her blog, that I thought she was referring to ethnicity, that Filipino-Japanese differences. Divorce was also mentioned in her blogs, that I panicked because she might be paranoid about what she's reading. Maybe I was paranoid at that time, I was just reading between the lines.

Maturity/Martyrdom: She decided to write a blog about this too and the priest. What I said about maturity does not mean that we accept what is wrong-sinful deeds, but accept that person as well as the character. We can leave the person if he remains sinful and bad, I did not mean to be a
martyr. I was not questioning her faith or with anyone. I respect everybody's prerogative about religion and so on and so forth. But isn't it true we need prayers and reflections?

As a Roman Catholic, only God knows what kind of a Christian I am. When I go to church, I never meant to judge anyone, who is giving out the homily. Take for instance, you attend a seminar about this new technology thing. You then happen to know that the speaker failed all his subjects in college, was drug addict and pusher,etc. How will you learn from him if you think about that bad background, and not his background with that new technology thing?

When I wrote a comment, I viewed it in two prospective. I expected that she might might become enlightened or I ruin her day. The unexpected was her two blogs out of my longest comment ever in the world history. My apology if my comment really sound very annoying, I know it is for her. Peace na ta Grace ha?

I hope did I great job with blogging, I meant to enlighten you guys, and not ruin to your day!