Sunday, June 08, 2008

Roland Garros Finals - 2008 French Open

No surprise, that the Spaniard 22 years old, Rafael Nadal, second man to win French Open titles for the fouth time, dominated the men's final game against Roger Federer. A game well played and well ended at 6-1, 6-3, 6-0.

While Pete Sampras was well known to me not winning the same title, I guest most of the spectators, was frustrated too knowing Roger Federer did not take home the grand slam title. I guess life is so fair. We get what we deserve, and in this year's French Open, I think Nadal was more deserving.

Nadal did his best to stand out, and made the crowd frustrated seeing the endgame at 6-0. Knowing Federer did a lot of errors in his forehand, it was a sign, for him not to be able to beat the man in clay.

To our surprise, in the women's final, 22 year old Dinara Safina made it to the finals after winning against Maria Sharapova. But Ana Ivanovic at her 20's manage to put her self to WTA's No.1 rank when she eagerly won 6-4, 6-3 against Dinara.

Ana's first slam title made the Serbs proud. Also proved that it is about time for the Serb to dominate the women's division in this year's French Open.

Not so long ago I have known tennis, I played with a Japanese friend, a friend of my officemate. Although watching the French Open was fun, being in the court simply takes more than hard work to have fun. I salute to the hard work of all the finalist of Roland Garros - French Open 2008.

Let me share my frustrations to all Federer (still ranked ATP's No.1) fans, and thanks to my friends who watched and monitored the game with me.