Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Pit Señor San Agustine!

Habit, if not resisted, soon becomes necessity.~ St. Augustine quotes

Viva Señor San Agustine!

Yes today let me pay tribute to the fiest of Saint Agustine. This link will lead you to knowing what his life was in the catholic enclylopedia.

Here in Cagayan de Oro, we celebrate this fiest every August 28. Every year people look forward to it. Specially in the church, where there are several activities related to the celebration.

The City government of Cagayan de Oro, recently passed a city ordinance, declaring August 28 as a special non-working holiday for the city. That is why in our office we are not required to work. Am lucky, I should say, I don't have to work on this day or if I would, I'll be paid more than twice as an over time.

There's a street dancing competion held last August26. And several dance troupes participated in the parade of street dances. I think Barangay Carmen of this city won the major price of this year's dance festival. And August 27 is a parade of floats. Several creatively made floats were on the streets.

Concerts in different malls were also held. Some shows also were held, some were for free and some were costly. Some events highlighted specific product brands and some showcase several mindanao products.

Of course, the highlight of this year's celebration, was the search for Miss Kagay-an 2008. The search showcase 15 beauties proudly from this city.

I guess for me, the most important thing, is to attend the mass. As early as 7AM tomorrow, I aim to hear the mass with KSD family. I do hope everyone enjoys the city fiesta. I also hope I eat a lot without having a problem digesting hehehe. God bless us always!

Kagay-an Events Held:
Aug 18-19
7:00 AM

Aug 22-28
9:00 AM – 8:00 PM

Aug 24-28
10:0 AM – 8:00 PM

Aug 25-26
7:00 AM

Aug 25
7:30 PM

Aug 26
- Starting Point
7:00 AM
- Showdown
Kiosko Kagawasan
MPSC Grounds
9:30 AM

Aug 27
- Starting Point
7:30 AM
- Viewing Deck for VIP’s/Judges
7:30 AM onwards
- Ending/Final Judging
Limketkai Center
In Front of DOT 10 Office, Pelaez Sports Center
Kiosko Kagawasan
10:00 AM

Happy Fiesta to all Kagayan-anons!!!


Monday, August 25, 2008

CISCO IP Addressing Training Videos

I found these videos very interesting, specially those who are starting to take CCNA lessons with the Cisco Academes. I am still finishing my masters in IT, and one of the subject we had was to take up Cisco 1&2, with of course the Cisco Academe. That is why, these videos appear so interesting for me.

One thing also, I think I am so atouched with telecommunications, which basically nowadays is venturing into VoIps, which evolved thru time and now uses several IT equipment as part of its operations. As a technical personnel I am hooked at gearing my self with the latest IT solutions also which our company is into. The company I belong to is a data and voice provider.

I do hope you all love this blog.









So I will try to watch each videos, to master IP Addressing. I also included here the links where I found these videos at youtube. For comments and suggestions, please leave me a message.

By the way, I work for Philcom Corporation. And we have an on-going promo (find details below in my previous blogs), FREE INSTALLATION (Line+DSL), if you want your applications to be prioritized I can help you just leave me a message or find my friendster page in the links to send me a message in my mobile. God bless!

Friday, August 22, 2008

Nice Pic

I just found a beautiful picture of a baby with so lovely message in it...


Thursday, August 21, 2008

Dear Friend...

Dear friend, if bad companions tempt you, don't go along with them. Proverbs 1:10

Am so glad to find several instructions in the bible. I remember what happened to my cousin who once had bad influence friends. Am glad he did not go along with them before he lost his future. Eventually my cousin manage to seek answers from his bible and leave those tempting bad companions.

Yes all about friends. Sometimes, they can cause us to sin. Sometimes they tempt us on something. I am glad my friends just tempt me to eat a lot and not to sin. Hehehe! Yes I know what you mean, gluttony can be a sin too.

I would say, most of my friends are faithful. Yes I meet most of them in the community. Some of them are close to me during my school days. But I am sure they know me, and I do know them more deeply than plain acquaintance. I guess I have known my friends personally.

I think this is what I want to thank God for. He gave me amazing friends. Friends who are there at my best and worst times. Friends whom I can rely on at any given time. Yes I do love my friends, specially the One who sent them.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008


I jogged 5 years ago, until such time, I missed jogging.

To prepare my self to wear a dress, of my best friend's (wala koy choice sya ra akong female college classmate sa BSECE) wedding, I enrolled to a gym for a work out. I asked my gym instructor that I want to gain some weights but wanted to loose some bulks in my tummy. Hehehe!

So part of my work out is jogging too. I am accompanied by my sister to jog early morning. I also accompany my younger sister, who was pregnant at that time, to walk some miles around our place.

While when I go to the gym, I use treadmill for about 15minutes. In the treadmill I do plain walking right after my stretching session before my work out starts.

My gym session did not last for more than a year. Since the wedding of my best friend made me somewhat busy and I sink into the dress I wore during her wedding day. I think am too shy dealing with everyone in the gym, since most of the gym-goers were males. And am having a hard time catching the ladies in the gym, it seems that most of the time am alone. Hmmm, my officemates too were not that religious in attending their gym sessions. Also can't afford something for the gym when I started to fall in love, playing Badminton.

So I stopped going to the gym. And I missed working out. But am happy the Grace invited me to jog last night. I think one of the reason why am still awake now. Hehehe. We jogged from 6:15pm to 7:15pm.

After an hour jogging, we sat on a bench and shared some stories. We laughed and discussed things. Things we did missed talking about, when we were away from each other, she is my classmate/batchmate in college before. She used to work in Taiwan for more than 5 years and is now back home. So we called it a day after several minutes when our stomachs told us we're hungry.

Monday, August 18, 2008

SOS-CKA Day! (Sword of the Spirit-Christ the King)

Yes we just celebrated our SOS-CKA Day at the Kahayag sa Diyos (KSD) Community. We had a conference from 9AM-4PM yesterday. This year's theme: "In Such a Time Like This. " The best part for me was when I joined the music ministry that day.

About the conference, it was more of a reminder for us all. The speakers remind us about our role in the community. I was hit by one speaker, and brought me in tears. I realize how important my role is in the community. I also realize how God's strategy hit me so hard.

Yes, one speaker talked about God's strategy. And I was crying hearing all of it. Because I felt His presence in my life. I know God have been working in my life. And I was able to recall the things He has done for me, special during my not so good times.

After the conference, I went to hear the mass. The priest was talking to the parents, he mentioned that for us human beings, there is always a favoritism. And the good thing about our God is always just. He never play favoritism among us His sons and daughters. No matter if we sin or not, God's love is always the same.

I thank God for loving me, and for always telling me He is always with me. I hope and pray you too can experience His love and to have a personal relationship with Him. This coming Aug.29,2008 at 6:30PM, we from KSD are inviting you all to attend a dinner with us at Patrick Cronin Formation Center at Catherdral Church. RSVP. God bless and thanks for coming.

Saturday, August 16, 2008


I neglected hearing this song. This became very popular during the PBB Teen Edition of ABS-CBN this year. My niece, who is 4 years old, would sing this in a familiar tune but unknown lyrics.

Until I went to TCC to be part of the academe. It was so fulfilling to have a dream come true of being a full time instructor. I guess one of the best part is being able to impart the knowledge I have. And being able to help the students in their field of study.

I also love the part where my student relay on me, when I know am guiding them and leading them to the way out to be the next professional. I feel like living for my students, they give me reason to wake up each day.

I guess for most instructors, it is an achievement to see their students graduate. I learned alot in the period of more than a month stay at the academe. I realize how important our teachers and instructors role on earth. I realize how to live for others. I realize that I love this song, I am sharing its video with lyrics.

I thank GOD I realized... I do hope you also realize...

Saturday, August 09, 2008

5 Pageant Questions

So I am stuck answering the pageant questions given for Miss TCC. There were five questions given, so I figured out how to answer them. I am not good in thinking when I do not have enough sleep, so I went to sleep first. It means I am doing this in the middle of the snores of my father, hehehe. He is snoring in his sleep while I am typing this whole thing.

Why answer the questions, because I am tasked to help one of the candidate. Part of a commitment, hehehe. No monetary arragement, hehehe. I just want to serve them in my spare time. Of course, I think of being the contestant, not just a help, hehehe, in my dreams.

So I do hope you can relate wtih my answers. I am actually tempeted to answer number 4 with "my boyfiriend", when I know i have none at the moment hehehe. If you have violent reactions, you can kiss me, lol.

Thanks for always visiting my blog. God bless!

Here's the five questions with my answers:

1. Do you believe that there is a dull student?

I do believe that genetics have something to do with the difference of every individual so as to knowledge development. That is the reason why there are some students who are fast learners and some who are slow learners. I think dull students belong to slow learners, and they do exist. But once slow learner students gain the proper knowledge in the length of time I believe they shine and do not stay dull. I, thank you!

2. What do you think is the main use of education in life?

Education is so important. It starts from our homes and to our schools. Education can help us realize what kind of person we want to be. An educated person can easily become responsible and deal with the society. The best thing about proper education, is that, graduates are most likely able to acquire the best jobs they aspire to have. That’s all, thank you!

3. How do you see your self five years from now?

I see my self in five years time as a successful career woman with the goal of helping those who are in need, and be of service to my beloved country while proudly bringing the name of my alma matter. As a bonus if tonight I will be crowned Miss TCC, I would see my self joining the Miss Philippines Beauty Pageant five years from now, while working in a prestigious company in the big cities such as Manila or Cebu. Good evening once again, thank you!

4. Who inspire you?

I am inspired by my faith, I live each day thanking God for the gift of life. I am also inspired by my parents and my family, who are always ready to support me in every good thing I desire and gives me the love I need everyday. Each friend I have, specially the rest of the candidates, who were willing to understand me and to share time with me when am not with my family also inspired me. I guess there are too many inspirations to be mentioning here, but this pageant have inspired me most specially because, I am able to share my talents that I used to keep within myself. Thank you so much, good evening!

5. What is your view on premarital sex?

My view about Premarital Sex is this: Morality is a factor for many people when deciding whether or not to have premarital sex. Most Christian does not practice premarital sex since it is a vow of purity as to Christ. I believe in doing what is right and faith without action is dead. I choose virginity because I am one of the Christian believers in this country, I wanted to be pure and morally upright. It is a choice I made for my faith in God and not just for any other reasons. A pleasant good evening to all of you!

Sunday, August 03, 2008

To All Technical Research Students

Here are some guide for you to be able to make your technical research paper. I will also use this as my reference for my thesis in my masters.
Later I will put links for sample technical researches I will be encountering online for our reference. I will be busy in the next few months finishing my papers for my master. I do hope students will find this blog helpful, as it will help me along the way too.
Good luck to all graduating students. God bless us always.
Binding Format with Spacing:
Below is shown the proper layout for a cover of a Research Paper at Nipissing University:
(Note: Spacing is approximate on 8 ½” x 11” page)

THE RESEARCH PAPER TITLE ONLY (in capital letters)
(1 ½ ”)
Master of Science in
Information Technology
Mindanao Polytechnic State University
(year of completion of research paper)
Below is shown the proper layout for a title page of a research paper at Nipissing University: (Note: Spacing is approximate on 8 ½” x 11” page)
THE RESEARCH PAPER TITLE ONLY (in capital letters)
(2 1/2”)
© Beauty Galeon May 2008
(month/year of completion of research paper)
All Research Papers must have an abstract included. The following technical guidelines must be followed:
• Font size must be a minimum of 10 points and 10-15 characters per inch and the lines of text must be double-spaced, on one side of the paper only. The abstract must not exceed 150 words for a master’s research paper. The size of the page(s) should be 8 ½” x 11” (21.5 cm x 28 cm), the text reading across the 8 ½” (21.5 cm) dimension. The left-hand margin should be at least 1 ¼” (32 mm), and the remaining three margins at least ¾” (20 mm) to the main text.
• Symbols, as well as foreign words and phrases, must be clearly and accurately displayed.
• Do not include graphs, charts, tables, or illustrations in the abstract.

Saturday, August 02, 2008

Coaching for a Quiz Bowl

So I will be coaching college student for a quiz bowl competition. This is part of my commitment for Tagoloan Community College. Particularly with Engr. Danilo Pasco, the dean of College of Engineering Technology.
There will be one team (with 4 members from 1st-4th year) each category. There are four categories, namely: English, Science, History (General Information) and Math.
This blog is entended to link possible site where my students can prepare for the quiz. We will be reviewing for the next few days. I do hope I can share something for them, and they win.
I remember being coached as a Math Olympiad way back my high school days. We were coached by several math teachers then. We do it every saturday and solve math problems. We did not only solve problems, but also, we learned so many technics on how to solve problem with lesser time.
My fullfilment as a Math Olympiad was when our team won in several competitons, within the city and nationwide. As a math olympiad, I gained confidence at any math problems I encounter. In life too, I think math gave me so much courage to face each trials and solve them in an olympiad way. Of course, I prayed too, God gives me the strength I need as always.