Monday, August 25, 2008

CISCO IP Addressing Training Videos

I found these videos very interesting, specially those who are starting to take CCNA lessons with the Cisco Academes. I am still finishing my masters in IT, and one of the subject we had was to take up Cisco 1&2, with of course the Cisco Academe. That is why, these videos appear so interesting for me.

One thing also, I think I am so atouched with telecommunications, which basically nowadays is venturing into VoIps, which evolved thru time and now uses several IT equipment as part of its operations. As a technical personnel I am hooked at gearing my self with the latest IT solutions also which our company is into. The company I belong to is a data and voice provider.

I do hope you all love this blog.









So I will try to watch each videos, to master IP Addressing. I also included here the links where I found these videos at youtube. For comments and suggestions, please leave me a message.

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