Saturday, August 02, 2008

Coaching for a Quiz Bowl

So I will be coaching college student for a quiz bowl competition. This is part of my commitment for Tagoloan Community College. Particularly with Engr. Danilo Pasco, the dean of College of Engineering Technology.
There will be one team (with 4 members from 1st-4th year) each category. There are four categories, namely: English, Science, History (General Information) and Math.
This blog is entended to link possible site where my students can prepare for the quiz. We will be reviewing for the next few days. I do hope I can share something for them, and they win.
I remember being coached as a Math Olympiad way back my high school days. We were coached by several math teachers then. We do it every saturday and solve math problems. We did not only solve problems, but also, we learned so many technics on how to solve problem with lesser time.
My fullfilment as a Math Olympiad was when our team won in several competitons, within the city and nationwide. As a math olympiad, I gained confidence at any math problems I encounter. In life too, I think math gave me so much courage to face each trials and solve them in an olympiad way. Of course, I prayed too, God gives me the strength I need as always.