Sunday, March 12, 2006

Soring for Fun, Aja!

Not me, ok?

Mid last year at my work place, we became crazy about sports. Sports tournaments were organized such as Basketball, Chess, and Badminton. Its not something new because the previous decade, when am not part of this company yet, they had an annual sportsfest wherein they played Dart, Tabbletennis, and Basketball.

When I was asked, "What's your Sports?", I answered without hesitation, "Badminton". I play other sports too but with my current job schedule, working for a 24X7 technical operations, I can only permit myself to play badminton. Not much torture with my mind and body but still can make me sweat just like what my gym session did before.

As a beginner I tried to seek help from a professional player. My colleague happened to be the bestfriend of a professional badminton player. They were classmates way back in their college years, and this woman played badminton during intramurals before and of course won several championship awards too. I considered her professional in badminton, since she's now a regional badminton player connected in a city government office.

Our first badminton practice started at Shuttle Square. It was tiring at first when all I did was to run and pick up the shuttlecock. I thought its a no sweat but at the end of the day I can't move my sore body, but its actually soring for fun!

Funny to know that last year I joined the singles and doubles tournament for women. I was really sorry for my opponents, who were wanting to sweat with our game. They beat me in a no sweat 2 set games. I'm also sorry for my partner, who was supposedly playing doubles but was playing for singles, everytime I am stuck in the ground where I am standing hehehe. I can't quit nor call my self a loser because every time I win or loss a game and play the third set for decision, I am happier!

As a player I know I still need more practice to improve. I was lucky to find a video all about badminton, it helped alot. Physically and mentally I did some practice. This year I am looking forward to more winnings with mixed doubles.

I wish I can play in Olympics!