Sunday, May 11, 2008

A Happy Mother's Day!

I will always be proud and thankful for having the best mom in this world. I know I envy those who have not seen their moms or those who don't know who their moms are.

God loved me so much to give me a mother I am loving so dearly because I think she's the best. She cares for her children a lot. She is loving and caring and very understanding. She gives us the will to decide, she believe we have the gift of wisdom.

She suffered from stroke, still recovering now, her right body is not moving. In her situation, she still keeps the faith. She makes us feel we are loved no matter how hard it is for her to move. She is fighting to gain back her life, which makes us living.

My mother is my life. I owe her a lot. In the worst case, of her stroke, I still see the bright side. Her situation makes us her children care for her more. It gives me the chance to take care of her. To make the things she's done for me when I was still young and up to this day.

Being with my mother on a Mother's Day is for me a happy mother's day!