Monday, February 06, 2006

Tragic Wowow1-Ultra

I have enjoyed watching TV, specially during noontime. Recently top rated Wowowee noon time show is an all-time favorite. It's not because of the show but because of the stories you get out from the avid viewers who are participants in their games as part of the program.

You'll go crazy watching Wowowee. Why? Because after laughing, you will cry and vice versa. If you happen to watch it alone you can't help but laugh aloud, and then later in the show cry too. Stories about real people would touch your heart and reason why you laugh and cry!

The first year anniversary (Feb. 4, 2006) happen to be an ULTRA-TRAGEDY. Not for the network ABS-CBN but for us Filipinoes. We all know people were overwhelmed by the prices they can get from watching the show. Out of the economic crisis experience in our country, people tend to seek someone who can give them lighter weight of what burdens them, POVERTY!

This tragedy give us a lot of lessons to learn, and maybe we can't even understand some. Only GOD knows why this had to happen.
It hurts to see 74 dead bodies from the venue to be for the Wowowee 1st year anniversary. Let's all pray for souls of our departed kababayans, for the network ABS-CBN, for the government and President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo, and specially to our countrymen and country PHILIPPINES!