Wednesday, April 09, 2008

How do I Look at Life Seriously?

Some of my closest friends tells me I am serious with life. Although most of the time I am not aware of this.

Most of the time, I find myself making others laugh. I love making my friends happy when they are with me, those I personally encounter and relate with. They can always share a smile with me because I love to give punchlines to start a laugh.

I know that happiness comes from within. That even though I know I am shaken by the problems surrounding me, even can't imagine how I can get through, but I thank God - how grateful I am to have survived and still doing good. Trials this life brings makes me a better person and gives me the opportunity to be closer to God, that I thank God for the most!

Self pity often happens when we forget to pray. That is why when I am alone, I still try to pray to stop me from crying. I may not know what you are going thru but I think what I am going thru is with a purpose. To cheer those people who I think are sadder than me.

I know someone who keeps asking me how sad I am, I just smiled, she was able to relate that like her I am in trouble, because we both love to laugh and give jokes. We both laugh together so much harder each time we bump with each other.

When trouble comes, the bible said, we only need to trust God and stay faithful. He will deliver us from evil, and nothing can harm the believers, that I strongly believe in.