Saturday, August 09, 2008

5 Pageant Questions

So I am stuck answering the pageant questions given for Miss TCC. There were five questions given, so I figured out how to answer them. I am not good in thinking when I do not have enough sleep, so I went to sleep first. It means I am doing this in the middle of the snores of my father, hehehe. He is snoring in his sleep while I am typing this whole thing.

Why answer the questions, because I am tasked to help one of the candidate. Part of a commitment, hehehe. No monetary arragement, hehehe. I just want to serve them in my spare time. Of course, I think of being the contestant, not just a help, hehehe, in my dreams.

So I do hope you can relate wtih my answers. I am actually tempeted to answer number 4 with "my boyfiriend", when I know i have none at the moment hehehe. If you have violent reactions, you can kiss me, lol.

Thanks for always visiting my blog. God bless!

Here's the five questions with my answers:

1. Do you believe that there is a dull student?

I do believe that genetics have something to do with the difference of every individual so as to knowledge development. That is the reason why there are some students who are fast learners and some who are slow learners. I think dull students belong to slow learners, and they do exist. But once slow learner students gain the proper knowledge in the length of time I believe they shine and do not stay dull. I, thank you!

2. What do you think is the main use of education in life?

Education is so important. It starts from our homes and to our schools. Education can help us realize what kind of person we want to be. An educated person can easily become responsible and deal with the society. The best thing about proper education, is that, graduates are most likely able to acquire the best jobs they aspire to have. That’s all, thank you!

3. How do you see your self five years from now?

I see my self in five years time as a successful career woman with the goal of helping those who are in need, and be of service to my beloved country while proudly bringing the name of my alma matter. As a bonus if tonight I will be crowned Miss TCC, I would see my self joining the Miss Philippines Beauty Pageant five years from now, while working in a prestigious company in the big cities such as Manila or Cebu. Good evening once again, thank you!

4. Who inspire you?

I am inspired by my faith, I live each day thanking God for the gift of life. I am also inspired by my parents and my family, who are always ready to support me in every good thing I desire and gives me the love I need everyday. Each friend I have, specially the rest of the candidates, who were willing to understand me and to share time with me when am not with my family also inspired me. I guess there are too many inspirations to be mentioning here, but this pageant have inspired me most specially because, I am able to share my talents that I used to keep within myself. Thank you so much, good evening!

5. What is your view on premarital sex?

My view about Premarital Sex is this: Morality is a factor for many people when deciding whether or not to have premarital sex. Most Christian does not practice premarital sex since it is a vow of purity as to Christ. I believe in doing what is right and faith without action is dead. I choose virginity because I am one of the Christian believers in this country, I wanted to be pure and morally upright. It is a choice I made for my faith in God and not just for any other reasons. A pleasant good evening to all of you!