Tuesday, August 19, 2008


I jogged 5 years ago, until such time, I missed jogging.

To prepare my self to wear a dress, of my best friend's (wala koy choice sya ra akong female college classmate sa BSECE) wedding, I enrolled to a gym for a work out. I asked my gym instructor that I want to gain some weights but wanted to loose some bulks in my tummy. Hehehe!

So part of my work out is jogging too. I am accompanied by my sister to jog early morning. I also accompany my younger sister, who was pregnant at that time, to walk some miles around our place.

While when I go to the gym, I use treadmill for about 15minutes. In the treadmill I do plain walking right after my stretching session before my work out starts.

My gym session did not last for more than a year. Since the wedding of my best friend made me somewhat busy and I sink into the dress I wore during her wedding day. I think am too shy dealing with everyone in the gym, since most of the gym-goers were males. And am having a hard time catching the ladies in the gym, it seems that most of the time am alone. Hmmm, my officemates too were not that religious in attending their gym sessions. Also can't afford something for the gym when I started to fall in love, playing Badminton.

So I stopped going to the gym. And I missed working out. But am happy the Grace invited me to jog last night. I think one of the reason why am still awake now. Hehehe. We jogged from 6:15pm to 7:15pm.

After an hour jogging, we sat on a bench and shared some stories. We laughed and discussed things. Things we did missed talking about, when we were away from each other, she is my classmate/batchmate in college before. She used to work in Taiwan for more than 5 years and is now back home. So we called it a day after several minutes when our stomachs told us we're hungry.

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