Monday, August 18, 2008

SOS-CKA Day! (Sword of the Spirit-Christ the King)

Yes we just celebrated our SOS-CKA Day at the Kahayag sa Diyos (KSD) Community. We had a conference from 9AM-4PM yesterday. This year's theme: "In Such a Time Like This. " The best part for me was when I joined the music ministry that day.

About the conference, it was more of a reminder for us all. The speakers remind us about our role in the community. I was hit by one speaker, and brought me in tears. I realize how important my role is in the community. I also realize how God's strategy hit me so hard.

Yes, one speaker talked about God's strategy. And I was crying hearing all of it. Because I felt His presence in my life. I know God have been working in my life. And I was able to recall the things He has done for me, special during my not so good times.

After the conference, I went to hear the mass. The priest was talking to the parents, he mentioned that for us human beings, there is always a favoritism. And the good thing about our God is always just. He never play favoritism among us His sons and daughters. No matter if we sin or not, God's love is always the same.

I thank God for loving me, and for always telling me He is always with me. I hope and pray you too can experience His love and to have a personal relationship with Him. This coming Aug.29,2008 at 6:30PM, we from KSD are inviting you all to attend a dinner with us at Patrick Cronin Formation Center at Catherdral Church. RSVP. God bless and thanks for coming.

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