Saturday, August 16, 2008


I neglected hearing this song. This became very popular during the PBB Teen Edition of ABS-CBN this year. My niece, who is 4 years old, would sing this in a familiar tune but unknown lyrics.

Until I went to TCC to be part of the academe. It was so fulfilling to have a dream come true of being a full time instructor. I guess one of the best part is being able to impart the knowledge I have. And being able to help the students in their field of study.

I also love the part where my student relay on me, when I know am guiding them and leading them to the way out to be the next professional. I feel like living for my students, they give me reason to wake up each day.

I guess for most instructors, it is an achievement to see their students graduate. I learned alot in the period of more than a month stay at the academe. I realize how important our teachers and instructors role on earth. I realize how to live for others. I realize that I love this song, I am sharing its video with lyrics.

I thank GOD I realized... I do hope you also realize...

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