Thursday, December 01, 2005

The Earthquake Experience

Oh my GOD, I was about to publish this blog when I accidentally erased everything I started. Well I have no choice but to write again!
Today 1:05 I was shaken by the earthquake with a still unknown intensity. I panicked because I started thinking about those quakes on tv. Its very scary specially that intensity 7 that hit Baguio way back in my elementary years. It started to run in my mind, not to mention its aftershock. I figured out the recent tsunami experienced in South Asia, too bad.
Working alone inside this room at night time would make you think about alot of scary things (our shifting schedule for 24X7 operation:6am-2pm,2-10pm,10pm-6am). And with that longer than 2minutes earthquake, who won't panic? I called an operator who is situated in another room in this building, then calm me down. We were both in the state of getting out of the building, so afraid what will happen next. We just laughed at our selves then and thanked God we were safe when the earthquake fade away.
I'll update this blog for the intesity and (I hope not so bad) aftershock if any.

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