Sunday, June 01, 2008

Can I Go To Heaven?

I hope yes is my answer to this question.

Today, for the first time, I attended our community district assembly. Most of the time, I do have excuses not to attend. Busy hours, career and family matters are included in those excuses. But I made no excuse today.

After knowing that month of May is a recess, for our district assembly meeting, I missed our community. In April, I experienced heaven with the community members. I realized how much I missed not attending any of our district assembly meeting.

Our community caters both single and married members. As a single KSD member, I declined to be part of the district community. I think I was so afraid to join with the married and older brothers and sisters. I limit my self in serving God. But my eyes were opened everytime married couples adopt singles in each meeting we have. It means that they provide food for us, singles, so we need not prepare anything. I felt like their child, so spoiled to have what I want, married couples pampered us singles in the community.

In todays bible reflection, the scripture mentioned about "Doing the will of God, leading to heaven". It enlightens me about how important to do His will. How important it is to be with the community for God's love.

Loving God in return because He loved me so much is what I believe to be my passport to heaven. And I think it is best expressed in the community and most specially in our office and at home. Servanthood is one thing on my mind to return the love of God for me.

I know that not all of us have the gift of service, but at the moment I keep on praying for God's help for me to be of service to others. In any way, serving others, is the will of God. To serve others to honor and praise my creature. I do believe a blog such this can serve as my inspiration to myself and others, to always remind me how to be in HEAVEN.

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