Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy Father's Day Specially...

...To the men of my life, my dad and my brother.

I'd like to honor my brother on this Father's Day, for being a loving husband and a great dad. He is an achievement for my parents for being a great provider to his family. I always believe that he is our pride in the family as a brother and a son to my parents. I am proud to be his sister too!

Most specially I'd love to honor my father. We call him Papa. He is a loving husband too and a great father. No wonder my brother grow up just like him, a great dad of all time. I think my dad is doing the best thing he can for his children. That is in loving our mother.

To all dads out there, happy father's day. I do believe that, our Almighy Father is proud of all of you who have been responsible in loving the world. Because I believe that man give love, and makes the world a better place to live in. This world needs a man who knows how to love and who know God. Love is of God. Amen!!!

For this is a very special day to all dads, let me share my Kenny G collection from youtube:

I hope you all love my present to you all. Happy Father's Day once again!!!

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