Monday, October 31, 2005

Blog by Beauty

I want to start blogging now. I dont really know if you will mind BEAUTY, but I do. I demand my cute nephews and neice to call me "Tita Beauty".

Please don't tell me I'm letting them tell a lie. I know that physically I'm not as beautiful as one of the Miss Universe. But I know for sure GOD made us all beautiful, that I want my "pamangkins" to note. I am justified?

When I went online and someone called me "beauty" is where it all started. But I am not really sure if he meant beauty not beast, I don't mind at all. He also calls my friend "heart", he said she had a long nice hair and looks like Heart Evangelista. He is just fun calling names for his chatmates, maybe as not to get in trouble with his wife who is working abroad.

So what does my friends call me aside from BEAUTY? Most of my friends call me Tisay, Thess, Teray, Tere, Tata and most of all MADAM. Names just evolved thru time (mainly contributed by our age/friends/environment/etc). Maybe when I get older, I would hear my neighbors giving me another name. Who knows?

If its BEAUTY don't know yet! Anyway, thanks for reading and may GOD bless us all.

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kristian said...

mmmm...cge nalang madam beauty para complete. Any way, for me you are a beauty deep inside and outside. Hapit na pasko heheheh.