Sunday, December 25, 2005

Christmas: Happy and Sad

Christmas in the Philippines is one of the big events before each year ends. For me there were a lot of happy and sad moments about my Christmas this year.

Reasons to be happy&thankful:

  1. Won a stand fan during our company Christmas party.
  2. Promoted as a manager with a business firm (my sideline, for more info email me hehehe).
  3. We had our performance bonus.
  4. Got a new headset with mic for my pc at home.
  5. Able to attend the "misa de galo".
  6. Still able to manage time for work, business, sports and fun.
  7. Lucky number 10 rank at cdoblogger.
  8. Received gifts that are very useful (others were instrument for me to have what I have always wanted even before I can include them in my prayers).
  9. Spent the holiday with the whole family, my parents bro&sis, niece and nephews!
  10. Most of all had good health.

Still sad, why?

  1. Missed the company Christmas party (woke up 4:30AM for the mass then headed for badminton at 6AM, then hurried to the office at 9AM for router configuration workshop which was supposed to be an 8AM-5pm seminar but have to work at 2-10pm---decided not to go to the party since the venue was 30minutes away from our office, so I can sleep longer and be able to attend mass at dawn the next day).
  2. Was not able to mail Christmas cards (or made a phone call or buy gifts for my "inaanak"-godchildren) for my friends abroad because I have very hectic schedule this month ( vacation leave were all used up and no one is available for swapping of schedules anymore---OT tendencies).
  3. Can't use my headset at home (my 2 year old niece is simply irresistible, she wants to play with it).
  4. Missed the 8th mass of "misa de galo" (still lucky, based on our schedule at the office I was supposed to be absent from the dawn mass for two days but my colleague had to be home on 25th decided to swap skeds).
  5. Worst, spent Christmas eve at work.

Thanks for reading this entry, I know we can stay happy always knowing and counting our blessings. Christmas is everyday with those who are happy knowing the love of Christ!

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Chas Ravndal said...

at least the Happy part outweighs the Sad part