Sunday, February 12, 2006

What Do You Want for Valentines?

Love is in the air. Close Up Lovapalooza '06 last Saturday night Feb 11: in four simultaneous romance parties at Roxas Boulevard Baywalk in Manila, Bayanihan Park Mac Arthur Highway in Angeles, FGU Business Park Ayala in Cebu, and Matina Town Square in Davao City; was successfully aired live by ABS-CBN. I was still awake when it happened and of course with an event like that, I realized its VALENTINES.

GOD is of LOVE!
I was just kidding, but still hoping hehehe when I said, "A boyfriend with flowers and chocolates or a date", to a friend who asked me what I wanted for valentines. But seriously I told her a t-shirt for my badminton sessions will be fine. My friend was inquired by someone who was obliged to give me a gift for valentines.

Witnessed lovapalooza on TV, still awake by midnight: all for LOVE. I was lying in the hospital watching my mother (she's under medication, critically ill) . Valentines is not just for lover but for families too. I was glad to see married (for more than 20 yrs) couples on stage, they inspired a lot of the filipinoes and televiewers around the globe.

I just want to thank Close-up for the activity, it made me realized I was awake because of love and for love. What I want for valentines day is to be able to thank God for LOVE, because God is of love!

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