Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Seder Meal Experience: "A Taste of Heaven"

When I was a child, I have been to several Lord's Day Celebrations. I actually did not cared about it that much. I just looked around the people around me, while I was playing with some other kids with me. I know they have prepared something to eat, that's why I come along with my lola.

My lola (grandmother), is not catholic, but a protestant pastor. She used to bring me to protestant gatherings and celebrations. Including "Lord's Day". I loved accompanying her most of the time, I know I have to eat later. I love eating.

Eating with the Lord, during the celebration of "Lord's Day" was something I learned later. I realize that man does not live with bread alone, as the bible says. I even envy the homes who does this every Saturday night.

When I joined KSD (Kahayag sa Diyos) Community, I appreciated the celebration more and more. We first had it while we were preparing for the baptism. I recalled my childhood, the times when I don't understand it at all. I realized I am not only matured numerically but spiritually at that time.

This year's holy Thursday, was my first Seder Meal experience. Since am still single, together with other 2, we joined the married couples with their families at Balulang to celebrate the SEDER MEAL. We were adopted by the married couples, it means the singles were sparred from bringing something. But each family brought something to eat, including utensils and wine glasses.

Seder Meals are done every holy thursday, similar to Lord's Day, but this time plenty food and drinks are offered. Some kids played, but most of the children present were sitting in the tables with their parents. I admired each family for being there not just to serve but to worship with their family. We get to know each one including the helps some families have. We eat sharing foods and stories.

I was still the child who loves to eat. But this time, I played no more but felt the presence of everyone. I was with the members who were so great in serving God and the community.It was like a taste of heaven. I have seen happy faces and it was like we were in cloud9. Thus, reading today's reflection in Didache, I became so excited to share with you one of my "Taste of Heaven".

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