Thursday, October 30, 2008

Now You See Me, Now You Don't!

Working with webpage designing, I bump into a webpage maker (wpm) software. So I was hooked with a software I consider something new. I did not notice how much I enjoyed it not until I learn that its about 2AM when I shutdown my pc.

The software I had at first, downloaded for free, was a trial version of wpm. It is valid only for 15days, if not registered. Luckily, I came to learn where to get a registration code, and eureka! its now registered.

Inevitable for webpage designer not to use a photoshop. So I found some of our lovely pictures in Camiguin. I uploaded some edited photos in friendster and of course I would love to post them here too.

So first, I decided the photo to be edited, to insert the copyright thing in it. Then later decided that I love the sand more. So sorry for the faces were erased here. Hehehe. Thus you can see the sand in the pictures above and don't see them below.


z said...

Don't we just all love Photoshop! :-)
Oist, ikaw tong nagtext nga naa daw sa Cebu? New na imong num?
Happy blogging madame!

Beauty said...

Yes Z got a new line...thanks for the comment and the visit. God bless!