Monday, January 12, 2009

Cagayan de Oro City : Flooded Again

Yesterday, most of us, residents of Cagayan de Oro City were stranded. The rain poured out hard since it started as early as 12midnight. I know in my heart, I am worried for another flood, the rain can make the waters rise again.

As early as 5am, I turned the radio, and listened to the news. The radio station was monitoring all the barangay situations, specially those near the river and the bay area. Some barangay officials deligated volunteers to specific areas for possible rescue operations.

Commercial power was off by 6AM, due to the request of some residents, whose houses were flooded up to the ceilings. Brown-out occured all over the City for safety purposes. To listen to the the radio, I used my mobile phone. Just in time, before my phone battery drained, the power was back at 12noon.

We learned from the new that Buses going to Butuan City were stranded because Gingoog City, a city next to Cagayan de Oro, was not passable because of flood. At west bound terminal the road was also filled with waters. The highway of Kauswagan were filled with water higher than the knees.

Some roads in the city, specially in Carmen were not passable also. Gaisano Grocery store in Carmen was also flooded, where in the water was knee high also. In SSS, the water level was as high as the waist line. No vehicles were able to pass this area.

In Alubijid, the buses from Iligan City were also stranded when the water in the rice field area along the road over flows like a river across the road. Also the bridges of the municipality of Opol were all destroyed by the flood. Thus making most of the vehicles stranded.

Some rescue treams were from the rafters group. Some uniform personel from Air Force, PA and Air Borne and different government offices also went for rescue and operated to monitor the said calalmity.

It is sad to know also that classes were posponed today because of the flood...


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