Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Non-Stop Rain in Cagayan de Oro City

PAG-ASA said, Cagayan de Oro is experiencing the "Tail-end of Cold Front" thus rain and strong winds are present. Last night, I have been monitoring the rain since I came from work. At 8PM, commercial power went off. And rain this time was harder than in that morning.

At 10PM, commercial power went back. We turned our radio on, and listened to the reports. Some areas of the city were warned to vacate their homes because it was forcasted that water will rise high due to heavy rain fall.

At 1AM, an officemate texted that part of Macanhan started to have flood. In the radio, some areas at the coastal areas were forced to vacate their place. Specially in Macabalan area where the waves destroyed some of the houses already. The waves were stonger and the level of water went high.

One of the barangay capitan recalled that the same level of water was experienced last Jan.3. This government official is the Capitan of Barangay Macasandig, he was awake and was with the evacuees at the covered court.

The City Disasters Coordinating Operations Group were also present in the City Hall ground. They were the ones responsible rescueing and coordinating with government officials and civic groups. They were also monitoring reports from radio stations, special DXCC or the RMN - Radio Mindano Network broadcasting 24 hours.

At 2AM some residents of Ilaya, Carmen asked for help. The houses near the bridge have water levels up to the ceiling. Some of the villagers are now on top of their houses.

The broadcaster of the radio was able to contact Msgr. Elmer Abacahin. The said priest was interviewed and then later was asked to lead a community prayer. At 3AM this prayer was broadcasted live thru RMN.

A former city counselor was also monitoring the said radio station program. She is Ms. Sabanal, who insisted on calling the attentions of the provincial and city leaders to address help to Bill Gates' Foundation.

It was my first time to learn about this foundation. I also learn that the said foundation have been helping worldwide. I do hope that this blog can also gain attetion from this foundation, to help the victims as well as the city and the province to recover from this calamity.


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