Saturday, April 05, 2008

My Birthday Present for Lola

Yesterday, we paid a visit to my Lola Conching. Today she turns 82. Its more than 2 years now, my Lola is suffering from Alzheimer's disease. Since this year, I was inspired to blog and made mention about my Lola, I recalled who she was when I was younger. This blog is my birthday present for her.

My Lola aside from wanting us to go to church with her, she also wants us to eat with her. She would cook healthy foods like fish and vegetables. Dinner time is like learning time. She would tell us the names of the vegetables and explains how good it is for our body. She wanted us all to grow fat as fat as her. Hehehe!

One of the vegetables that everyone hates is "OKRA". I never liked it before. She would tell us to imitate my younger sister who eats a lot of it. She tells us what nutrients are in it, that we need to give in a bite. Just recently I often craved for it, and recalled her.

Food for the body was not her sole concern, she also teaches us the food for the soul. She was the one who brought the bible study in our home. I remember being with my sister, cousin, and friends in our neighborhood of almost same ages gathered together to learn about the bible and make bible study. She used to encourage us to memorize some of the verses and all books in the bible.

Now she can't memorize a name. She lost her memory. She can't even recognize someone. I would say my Lola was not the perfect one. But my Lola was once a pastor, she became a missionary not just for us her grand children but to God's children. No matter how she forgets me and everyone around her now, in my heart I can not forget her. I believe she has full filled her mission to share God's love. I do love my Lola, hope this blog makes her happy on her big day.

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