Monday, April 28, 2008

Blessings in Disguise

This entry is a sequel to my previous article:

The Setting:

In preparation for the Holy week, the Kayahag sa Diyos Community (KSD), held a retreat facilitated by a priest. The venue was in Saint Mary's Academy in Capistrano Complex at Gusa. Married couples and singles were all together gathered in the said event.

During lunch, as usual, the singles were adopted by the married couples. As everyone happily partake the food holy week activities were discussed. One is about the Sedar Meal, where each single members were to decide which married couple group they would join. The groupings was based on the area or location where each members stay.

Further discussions included the Easter Sunday Party. A service team was tasked to prepare the event. I was a member of the said service team.

Inevitably, holy week getaway were secretly whispered. Specially from the singles. Some were bound to join their company to spend it at Camiguin Island. Some wanted to pray the "Stations of the Cross " at Malasag or at Balubal.

Eating was so fun and mouthful, made our stomachs as full as it can.

The Final Plan:

Since some planned to have holy week getaways, we were able to come up with a plan. To go and make a wish at "Our Lady of Guadalupe Shrine" at Balubal with some singles on the following Sunday. Those who will commit will have to be at the meeting place at 5am sharp.

The plan also include bring of our own baons, our own packed meals good for breakfast and lunch. To leave those who can't make it before 5:30am. And to call each other to encourage everyone to be as early as possible

My Dilemmas:

I have my graveyard shift at the date set for our trip.

If I swap my schedule with someone, it will be hard since graveyards shift is not a flexible schedule. If we do swapping it can also mean working straight for 16hours. If I don't swap my schedule it means I will have undertime, a one-hour salary deduction. It can mean a memo from HR too or something.

My graveyards shift means my work ends at 6am. It means I can't cook for my food for both breakfast and lunch. It means I can't make it to be there before 5:30am. Worst it can mean me being left behind by the group.

The Blessings:

When I called Cheryl a day before our trip, I asked her if she can bring extra food for me. During the trip her mother prepared for more than 5 persons. The food was more than enough.

I was able to call all you confirmed to join the said trip. As early as 4:30am, I woke most of them.

In Disguise:

Fe had stomach ache a night before our trip. When I called her up she went back to sleep. At 5:30am she informed me she did not have enough sleep because of what happened. She asked me to tell the group to wait for her and me.

My Joy:

The grouped understand Fe's situation, so they waited for us. I was glad I did not have to swap or make undertime. Or make the group wait for me or make them left me. It was someone who made my way to the shrine. Its God's ways.

Indeed blessings in disguise flooded that day. The time stopped, and because we left our meeting place not at 5:30am but as late as 6:30am, we were able to have the extra ordinary trip in a jeepney. PUJs usually don't go as near as the river bank. But since some college students were heading on the same way as ours on boarded on the jeep, the driver agreed to bring us nearest the river bank.

The Finale:

After the prayer at the chapel of the shrine, we eat our baons. Since a niece of Ching celebrated a birthday a day before, we were able to have pasta and some adobo. And we were also invited to have lunch at their house.

I got home at 3pm with so full tummy. Enjoying the abundance of life God gave and believing my wishes were all granted!

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