Monday, April 14, 2008

First Rain in April

It is so hot this summer. The sun is shining brightly and seems to cook everything under it specially this April.

Yesterday, the rain poured out. I felt happy to know I get to sleep soundly since the weather is of great help. You see I have this graveyard shift at work, so I need to sleep at day time. Without the rain, I can barely sleep during the noon time.

Most of the time, this summer, I missed the rain so much. I know it is ironic for everyone, we miss something we often hate when it is present. Hehehe. Just like during rainy days, we get to miss the sun. An ironic fact.

No matter if its a rainy or sunny day, there is always a reason for it. I would say, I love rain when I want to sleep, but hates it when I want to roam around this world. Hehehe. I love the sun when I do not have to go out without umbrellas or sweating. I love the sun when I go out mountain climbing, so it means I need not to slide down the hills when I don't mean to hehehe.

I am writing this blog just to express how I appreciate the rain on this summer season.

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