Saturday, April 12, 2008

Recently Watched LOST Online

Since Lost was aired in the national television in our country, most of my officemates were crazy about it. Some even downloaded each episodes and burned in cds. Some even bothered to buy a new hard disk drive for additional storage to save files for internet giving out free downloads for lost.

In the office or in this country I can say that I am the last person to watch tv series like this. I did not bother to buy a cd. Not bothered to buy a hard drive. Or even tried my luck to watch it knowing somebody have a copy of every episodes.

When I decided to connect to the DSL, a broadband internet connection, I did not expect myself to get hooked with the tv series everybody was crazy to watch about.

But then surfing the internet, Lost is always present, always talked about. Very intriguing that I got lost in my senses and bothered watching it anyways.

So I was lucky to find a link where all seasons and episodes were available. I have the chance to see Lost for my self. And discovered how this show can kill my own time. Hehehe!

It killed most of my time for the past 2 weeks I think. Since I stared watching from season 1 episode 1 until season 4 of episode 8. It was like forgetting this world and being lost.

Yes I was lost and now was found hehehe. I recommend watching lost in the day time, for me. Why? Trailers in this show can give you a heart attack plus a night mare hehehe. Why again? I think the directors and the crews did a great job for coming up with a nice trailing and full or action and adventure ind of show. I hope you get what I mean hehehe.

To those who have watched it, I am sure you can relate. The issues presented in this show made it complex and interesting to watch. It created full of mystery and chaos and confusion to the viewers too. The viewers attention are grabbed because of the curiosity of knowing what the island is all about and how can the survivors of the plane crush go back to their homes.

I know my review is very general, but this I think is what I have experience as a viewer. I wanted to talk about each character later in this blog. Thanks for reading.

Lost tv series is worth watching, for me the rating is 9/10 and the moral lesson here is about: Trust, Love and Faith.

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