Friday, November 21, 2008

Tips: Availing Free IDD Calls!

Yes every month, you can avail free IDD calls only with Philcom. If you are a Philcom subscriber, all you need to do is activate your long distance access.

Now for non-Philcom subscribers, try to switch, apply its free installation with free telephone set and free drop wires up to 300 meters. Aside from all these, you also get 50% discount for your telephone fixed monthly charge if you bundle it with a dsl account.

I know most Filipinoes are somewhere outside the Philippines, and this promo is so timely. But make sure to know how to secure your lines too. Always activate your call barring, specially for those who use dial-up connection with IDD access. There are computer tricks that would allow your modem to dial international numbers, and when billing time comes might make you upset.

So here are some steps on how to unlock and lock your phones:
> For 858,857,856,855,854-numbers
To Change Pin - *85*OLDPIN*NEWPIN#
To Lock - *54*PIN#
To Unlock - #54*PIN#

> For 859-numbers
To Change Pin - Request at main office
To Lock - *33*PIN#
To Unlock - #33*PIN#

> For 853-numbers
To Change Pin - *85*OLDPIN*NEWPIN
To Lock - *54*PIN
To Unlock - *55*PIN

Now you know availing free IDD calls with Philcom is so easy. I can assist you if you want to avail or apply or inquire about anything related in this blog. Call and text me +639177245906.


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