Saturday, January 17, 2009

Back In Academe Again

After 5 months of being away from the academe, I am once again back to the world of teaching. I have in me the desires to teach, subconsciously and consciously. I love teaching, for me it is very fulfilling.

Five months ago, I handled subjects for engineering technology. I have to make several preparations. I teach two subjects daily, while working in the corporate as well. I was actually given the chance to do full time teaching, since the instructors of that college were scholars of DOST and were enrolled to finish a masteral degree.

While I was substituting as an instructor, full time in both the academe and the corporate, I realize several things. I learn to value my time and my responsibilities. I needed to choose between the two to have focus.

I decided to continue my corporate job while leaving my academe dreams. I know at that time, academe world was a dream come true, but I need to focus on my priorities. At that time, my priority leads me to go on with the corporate world.

Luckily, before the end of year 2008, I was offered to be part of the academe again. This time, it is part-time, still a substitute, but I don't need to give up my corporate job. This time, I will have to have one subject, and I will have more time to focus on it. I am now part of the IT part time instructors.

Being back in the academe, is another dream come true. Not only focusing on programming this time, but also focusing on going full time with the academe. I hope and pray this year, all my other dreams can come true.

..."To dream the impossible!" *smile*


ZAM said...

Great news about you getting the chance to fulfill your dreams. Happy New Year Madam! Musta na?

Beauty said...

Happy New Year pud mam! Ok kaayo mam kay hapit na ko ma-erase sa calendar girls nga list hehehe.