Saturday, January 17, 2009

Cagayan de Oro Calamity Aftermaths

What the calamity left our city? I just listed some here:
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1. Mud - brought my the flood of course. Along with the undesirable odor that stick with the dirty water with dissolved mud and dirts.

2. Garbage - some caused the flood. Some entered houses and some were scattered on the roads.

3. Damaged Creeks - old creeks made the flood worst when it started to give up. After each creeks were damages, the water run wildly destroying for properties.

4. Damaged Bridges - due to high volume of running water, some old and new bridges were damaged. This caused from passengers to be stranded in Cagayan de Oro and in some municipalities.

5. Canceled Flights - no air traffic was available in the city due to heavy clouds surrounding the airport area. This caused some of the members of PSG to be stranded.

6. Damaged Houses - some were even gone. Both the flood and the tidal waves caused some houses to break.

7. Damaged Farms - some rice fields which have rice ready for harvest were all washed out.

8. Damaged Economy - some livelihoods were damaged, some failed to report for work, some failed to operated. Like Gaisano in Carmen, the store was closed for a day because it was flooded. Some lost their farms and live stocks.

9. Relief Goods - still keep on coming. It is positive to count this as a blessing.

10. Calamity Funds - I learn that those who experience the calamity, they can file a calamity loan and the president offered to pay for it. Another blessing for those who badly need it.

Not bad, after all 2 out of 10 were a blessing. Let's thank for the blessing of realization also and the blessing to be of help. My list might be short or you can add your list too, just don't mind telling me.


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