Saturday, January 03, 2009

Cagayan de Oro on Total Black Out

Today the entire City of Cagayan de Oro experience a total black out. At around 4AM, I tried to call the hotline numbers, 162, of CEPALCO - Cagayan de Oro Electric Power and Light Corporation. An operator on-duty answered me, I inquired why we experience the said thing. I was informed that the entire City is experiencing the black out and their men are already doing the patrol to check on it.

I know that night, there was rain with stong winds. In my analysis, the rain might have caused  from trees to drop and fall to some wires or posts. When I woke up at 8AM, commercial power is already up. I tried to call 162 again, the hotline of CEPALCO to confirm the reason. Unfortunately all operators were busy.

Then we turned our radio on, we listened to the reports. The radio station also failed to contact CEPALCO to confirm the cause of the said black out. Upon publishing this blog, I still don't have the official reason of the black out experienced in our city.

Also the rain which started before the midnight, now caused floods in some areas of the city. Places near the river banks are now flooded, and waters were high. Will keep you posted to which places were flooded.

Here's what I found in Wikipedia:

power outage (also known as a power cutpower failurepower loss, orblackout) is the loss of the electric power to an area.

A power outage may take one of three forms:

where power is lost completely. While the word "blackout" is one of the most common colloquial terms, "Load shedding" or a rolling blackout refers specifically to a controlled way of rotating available generation capacity between various districts or customers, thus avoiding wide area total blackouts.
A drop in voltage in an electrical power supply, so named because it typically causes lights to dim. Systems supplied with three-phase electric power also suffer brownouts if one or more phases are absent, at reduced voltage, or incorrectly phased. Such malfunctions are particularly damaging to electric motors. Some brownouts, called voltage reductions, are made intentionally to prevent a full power outage.
where the loss of power is only momentary (milliseconds to seconds).


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