Saturday, January 03, 2009

Flood All Over Cagayan de Oro River Banks

This entry is an update of my previous blog. I learned that today, at 1:30AM total black out hit Cagayan de Oro City. According to CEPALCO, one of their sub-station failed, thus caused the total black out.

Asside from the said black out, I also mentioned about the flood. Radio reports confirmed that several places all over Cagayan de Oro City experience flood. One is Isla De Oro, Consolacion area near the river, Macasandig area near the river, Macahan near the creek area, and some parts in Gusa and Lapasan.

Some houses were destroyed. Some families left their houses. There were some who were recued by volunteer since they were stranded in their own place. 

Flood in the city is not new, but since it is a start of the year, I think flood is something new for new year. Several goverment instituions were at rescue for the evacuees. Government officials were also present to make sure the needs of the people affected will be delivered immediately.

Glad to know there were assistances given to the affected families. The bayanihan was present in the city, some volunteered to rescue. Some gave food and clothings. Some offered their cars for rescue operation and related activity like trasporting the goods. 

As a Christian, calamaties like flood are still blessings in disguise. It is very evident when people started to share and extend help to one another. The out-pouring blessing that the affected families were immediately provided. Thank God for the safety and the blessings!


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